1. Why do students go Abroad for Higher studies and What is the role Educational consultancy?

Students go abroad destination(Could be any country) to acquire higher education when they realize that the education system in their country is outdated and that there are not enough resources and support from the nation to highly deserving and brilliant students. Other reasons could be an opportunity to amalgamate with new system, culture, society etc.

Education consultancy through its experiences of serving students since years facilitate and ease their admission process and other visa application related guidance taking certain charges which students could do themselves if they are smart enough. Few destinations like Australia and some European countries have however recognized the necessity of agencies and route the students quarries to agents to process the application. Students could however save time and certain expenses like application fees, official score sending charges, WES evaluation waivers etc.

2. Which are the priority destinations for students opting to study abroad?

Students usually opt. for destinations like USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New-zealand, Europe etc. however the highly prioritized destinations are USA and Australia due to the quality of education scholarship and long term career and settlement opportunities.

3. Where could students avail more scholarship for their studies?

Deserving Students get scholarship to almost all destination they intend to study. USA however has more funds, be it external or internal for international students in the form of TA, GA, RA, Stipends, Fellowships, Scholarships etc.